Semi mature trees

An installed semi-mature specimen

A number of nurseries, in Britain and on the continent, specialise in the production of semi mature trees, which give the option of making an instant impact in a garden.

Whilst not suitable for every project, I often find the inclusion of a small number of semi mature trees within a wider planting is a good use of a client’s budget, asĀ  it can complete the visual transformation of the garden whilst the smaller plants catch up.

Semi mature trees are grown either in the ground and rootballed or in Air-pots, which produce a dense rootball of fibrous roots and permit planting at any time of year.

A wide range of varieties and sizes is available, though assiduous searching is needed across the various suppliers to ensure the best value is obtained.

I offer a full service, advising on a short list of varieties, searching for the best value across the different nurseries and arranging to inspect the proposed trees at the nursery. I will also arrange delivery and complete the planting, whether myself or by the nursery.