Garden design

Davidia, Geranium psilostemon and Rosa Cerise Bouquet

Harbury Gardens can work with you to create the ideal outdoor space.

With a particular focus on selecting the right plants for each situation, I can design a new garden from the ground up, or transform your existing garden.

Drives, paths, walls, fences, trellises, pools and fountains can all be included, with suitable materials chosen with you.

I can undertake the work myself or through contractors, or work in a purely advisory capacity.

Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Adapting existing gardens to a lower-maintenance regime;
  • ‘Editing’ mature gardens that require rejuvenation;
  • Development of new plantings adapted to soil and environment;
  • Selection and planting of appropriate trees and shrubs, including semi-mature specimens for instant impact;
  • Planting new hedges in suitable material;
  • Creation of outdoor dining areas, including low voltage lighting systems;
  • Blending country gardens into the wider landscape;
  • Bringing colour into the garden, through plants, walls and fences.