A full garden redesign is a significant but worthwhile investment, which independent research shows can not only enhance the saleability of your property but enhance its value as well.

Whilst the budget for a full redesign might run to 4% or more of the property value, as the services section shows, there are many options available to transform your garden into a beautiful and functional space for more modest sums, and in all cases I seek to maximise the impact of the available budget.

Our fees for the different stages of the design process are based on the following:

Initial meeting: free of charge

All other services are based on a day rate of £250. The overall fee for the project design will depend on the scale of the site and the likely complexity of the design, as outlined in the client brief.

Other related services such as surveys, nursery visits, environmental investigations and attendance at planning meetings will be charged at cost or at an agreed hourly rate or fixed price. Some of these services may be provided by other professionals.

Travel costs beyond the Warwickshire or Richmond upon Thames areas are charged at35p per mile.