Editing a mature country house garden

The new owners of this mature country garden asked me to ‘edit’ it so it gives interest through the year, whilst taking into account the limited maintenance time it would receive.

Overgrown trees and shrubs were pruned, and removed where necessary, with a number of high-performing replacements added to ensure interest through all seasons.

A row of fastigiate oaks introduced a formal rhythmic link – though in an informal style – between the garden and paddocks, with the area between barn and stables being given a new, informal planting with limes, roses and cotinus.

Formal borders were largely swept away, with a carefully composed planting of bulbs, peonies, roses, Stipa and Viburnum ‘Lanarth’ forming a gentle visual bridge between the garden and with wide landscape of fields beyond.

Detailed planting was restricted to the area in the immediate vicinity of the house and terrace, with Fuchisa, Caryopteris and Ceratostigma following on from Euphorbia, Carpenteria and Gladiolus byzantinus.

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