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Semi mature trees

An installed semi-mature specimen

A number of nurseries, in Britain and on the continent, specialise in the production of semi mature trees, which give the option of making an instant impact in a garden. Whilst not suitable for every project, I often find the inclusion of a small number of semi mature trees within a wider planting is a …

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High performance shrubs

High performance shrub: Eucryphia nymansensis Nymansay

High performance shrubs are the most useful plants in a gardener’s armoury, as they provide high levels of interest – through structure, leaf and flower – during one or more seasons, while requiring little or nothing in the way of maintenance. I specialise in creating plantings using these shrubs, which enhance the garden through the …

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Right tree, right place

A particular favourite: Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Trees enhance a garden of any size – but care needs to be taken in selecting the right specimen for the site. With an exhaustive knowledge of native and exotic species I am able to recommend appropriate trees for all situations, from an open country garden to a small city courtyard. You will benefit from …

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