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Editing a mature country house garden

The new owners of this mature country garden asked me to ‘edit’ it so it gives interest through the year, whilst taking into account the limited maintenance time it would receive. Overgrown trees and shrubs were pruned, and removed where necessary, with a number of high-performing replacements added to ensure interest through all seasons. A …

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Replanting within an existing design

Salvia cacaliifolia is one of a number of long-flowering accent plants in this replanting of terrace borders

I was asked to replant certain areas within this magnificent Oxfordshire garden, which had been created by its new owners over the previous five years. The wide borders by the terrace are in pole position outside the kitchen and conservatory, but the lavender interplanted between balls of box had largely died out. I introduced a …

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Fees A full garden redesign is a significant but worthwhile investment, which independent research shows can not only enhance the saleability of your property but enhance its value as well. Whilst the budget for a full redesign might run to 4% or more of the property value, as the services section shows, there are many options available …

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Planting redesign

Planting redesign  Your garden can be rejuvenated with a planting redesign. Working within the existing garden structure, I will advise on a contemporary or traditional planting using the best varieties to create fresh combinations of plants. I will plan your new planting, source and supply the plants and lay them out on site. I will …

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Design process

The design process The design process is broken down as follows: Initial meeting The design process begins with an initial meeting to view the garden and discuss my portfolio. The aim of this meeting is for you as a potential client to meet me and decide whether I am the right designer for your project. …

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Beyond Leylandii

Hornbeam hedging

The Leyland Cypress, × Cupressocyparis leylandii, can produce a fine hedge when well cared for, but all too often it has turned into a monster, far outgrowing its allotted space before being hacked back to bare branches that will not regrow. Even when trimmed more than once per year, such a hedge will tend to …

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Execution and project management

As well as offering a design service, Harbury Gardens can also execute those designs  – whether to create a garden from scratch or to revitalise your existing garden. On smaller projects this may be done ‘in house’, but on larger projects I will call on the services of specialist contractors – fencers, bricklayers, drive and …

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Garden design

Davidia, Geranium psilostemon and Rosa Cerise Bouquet

Harbury Gardens can work with you to create the ideal outdoor space. With a particular focus on selecting the right plants for each situation, I can design a new garden from the ground up, or transform your existing garden. Drives, paths, walls, fences, trellises, pools and fountains can all be included, with suitable materials chosen …

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Semi mature trees

An installed semi-mature specimen

A number of nurseries, in Britain and on the continent, specialise in the production of semi mature trees, which give the option of making an instant impact in a garden. Whilst not suitable for every project, I often find the inclusion of a small number of semi mature trees within a wider planting is a …

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High performance shrubs

High performance shrub: Eucryphia nymansensis Nymansay

High performance shrubs are the most useful plants in a gardener’s armoury, as they provide high levels of interest – through structure, leaf and flower – during one or more seasons, while requiring little or nothing in the way of maintenance. I specialise in creating plantings using these shrubs, which enhance the garden through the …

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